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Private Photography classes with Raushan Murshid

Can’t find the right photography workshop or time that fits your needs? AOne on One photography workshop is a perfect way to design a day(s) that is tailored just for you. Whether it be film photography, digital photography, platinum printing, or in depth darkroom instruction (developing your own negatives, black and white printing techniques) look no further! This is the right fit for you!

Maybe you want to learn more about Nude Photography and want a more direct one on one approach with Kim Weston. This highly personalized one on one photography workshop, is specially designed by you and Kim with its emphasis on your needs and desires to help develop your own photographic vision. It is a unique opportunity to work closely with Kim Weston, who has a very distinct and unique photography style and vision.

Your photography workshop will be held at Kim’s home at Wildcat Hill – the former home of his grandfather, Edward Weston. There are several indoor and outdoor areas to work in. Your workshop may include: photographing the nude figure, composition, working with natural light and a critique of your own photography work.

Custom black and white photography darkroom instruction (developing and printing) is available on-premises. Learn the basic skills and etiquette of darkroom printing. Take these simple skills and use them forever to make beautiful rich toned photographs. Kim also teaches how to Platinum Print, by using your large format negatives, or a digital file that can be made into a digital negative or you can use his large format negatives to learn this time honored skill. Learn it in an afternoon!